Battery cell phone battery homemade cottage battery 4 Battery 422972 900mah

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Hello, we are all batteries have a custom size,
if you need to customize the size of your battery,
contact us, we can customize according to your requirements.thank you
Specification :
Battery Model
Minimal Capacity
Rated Capacity
Nominal Voltage
Over-charge potect voltage
Over discharge protect voltage
storage Temperature
one year
Max continue discharge current
Max charge current
The battery is provided with a protective plate, which has the functions of preventing over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit, etc..
This product is mainly applicable to mobile emergency power supply, MP3, mobile speakers, microphone, Navigator (GPS), mobile phone, toys and other electronic devices.
Protection board parameters
Working current: 1.5A
Current limiting protection: 2~3A
Over charge limit: 4.2+/-0.05V
Over discharge limit pressure: 2.9+/-0.10V
* the actual capacity of the protective plate is slightly less than the nominal capacity of the electric core due to the over discharge of the protective plate.
Keep in storage
In order to ensure the battery to maintain the capacity level, the proposed battery and battery pack -20~35 C Storage, low humidity, non corrosive gas conditions Battery to avoid the high temperature or high humidity storage, otherwise it will lead to battery leakage, rust, and low capacity. Long term storage will likely lead to a reduction in the capacity of the battery and battery pack, and the need for 1-3 A charge / Discharge cycle to achieve maximum discharge capacity. The battery should be charged and discharged once in three months.
Warning: Reverse charge is not allowed, the battery should be connected according to polarity accurately, and can not be reversed. Short circuit is not allowed, otherwise it will result in permanent damage. The battery can not be used in the limit conditions, such as: limit temperature, deep cycle, extreme over charging and over discharge. Store the battery in a cool, dry place. If a large number of batteries are stored or shipped, the battery must be put in place first. Do not directly to the battery solder. If the battery appears noise, high temperature, leakage and other abnormal situation, please immediately stop using. Do not put into fire or try to disassemble the battery. The battery may burn or produce harmful substances. It is not permitted to use old batteries or use half of the battery with the new battery, otherwise it will have a discharge. Outer casing and outer jacket tube for removing the battery. The battery is not allowed to be put in the water.

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Data sheet

Unit Type piece
Package Weight 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
Package Size 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Rechargeable Yes
Package Yes
Use MP3 / MP4 Player
Model Number Polymer battery
Type Li-polymer
Brand Name Liter energy battery
Service Shop Warranty
Battery Properties of non-original


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Battery cell phone battery homemade cottage battery 4 Battery 422972 900mah

Battery cell phone battery homemade cottage battery 4 Battery 422972 900mah

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